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Montreal’s BBQ Doctor Takes Patients Year Round

Is your grill a little under the weather? Do you need a check-up to ensure the health of your system? At Joey Services, the BBQ doctor takes patients all year round. Regardless of what ails your grill, our expert repair and maintenance team can find a solution. For your convenience, we’ll even pick up and deliver your patient. Keep in mind, the success of your BBQ is determined by 2 factors – how well your BBQ is working and your ability to cook. While the cooking is up to you, we can certainly get your grill up and running at peak performance. You are in good hands with Joey Services.

Don’t Get Caught in the Spider’s Web

Spiders and small insects can spin webs or make nests inside of the Venturi tubes of your BBQ. This can lead to a gas-flow obstruction and potentially a fire. This type of fire, known as a flash-back, can cause serious damage to your grill and create unsafe operating conditions for you. Learn how to resolve this problem by checking out our FAQ.

Joey Services is here to handle your repairs, service and maintenance needs. Stop by and see us or please call for more information.

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